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Spiral flute taps are the best option for blind holes. The flute transports the chips out of the hole and is also used for cutting fluid. There are different helix angles suitable for different applications.

Features and benefits

  • Chamfer C (2-3 threads) and Chamfer E (1.5 - 2 threads)  

  • Edge treatment for reduced axial force and torque, makes the tool run more smoothly, reduces risk of cutting-edge chipping and improves surface quality, tool life and chip evacuation

  • The design of the spiral flute secures a constant rake angle and gives a constant cutting process

  • Back chamfer, used on taps with high helix angle, reduces torque and chipping

  • Taps with high spiral angle give excellent chip evacuation and possibilities to thread up to 3 × diameter in blind holes

  • Taps with low spiral angle give strong edges and are suitable for tapping tough materials, generating short chips in blind holes

  • High speed powder steel taps for improved strength, wear resistance and tool life

  • Solid carbide taps for long tool life and high productivity

  • Different grades and coatings are available:

    • CoolTop coating combines high hardness with good wear resistance

    • SmoothTop coating for low friction and adhesion

    • Steam Temp An oxide layer protects the surface, act as a good carrier of lubricants and prevents cold welding and built-up edge



  • Taps optimized for flexibility specific materials and taps optimized for flexibility

  • Suitable for blind holes

  • Available in many thread forms and standards

  • Depths up to 3 × diameter

  • Available with internal coolant in thread forms M, UNC and UNF

  • Tolerances:

    • ISO P: 6H, 6HX, 2B, 2BX, 3B

    • ISO M: 6H, 2B, 3B

    • ISO K: 6H

    • ISO N: 6H, 2B

    • -XM: 6G, 6H, 2B, 3B